Living our fullest authentic lives in service to our children, community and nature.

Reflecting on the Tiru Nature Camp 2021

Our first nature Camp was an exciting experience for us the hosts as well as for the children. The core focus of the camp was to promote the idea of learning from nature.  Our days began with prayer and circle time. Prayer allows us to center our minds and come into the space with all…
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2022-01-28 0

The year that was 2021

The year 2021 has been nothing short of a whirlwind filled with changes and uncertainties. I am sure you will empathize with this feeling.  From taking on new things every few years once, since 2019, I (we) have been taking changes head on every year. By the end of the year 2020, I was questioning what…
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2022-01-07 0

The Gratitude Journal

One simple way to practice gratitude is to keep a Gratitude Journal.  Pick/Open a word doc on your laptop, a pocket notebook, a simple notepad, a post-it on your worktable, a pretty looking diary, or a fancy journal specifically designed to document our gratitude and thanks. Choose the one that is available to you.  The…
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2021-01-20 0

Gratitude Month: 10 mins of Prayer

Prayer noun Wikipedia presents the definition of the word prayer as: an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with an object of worship through deliberate communication. I’d like to highlight the “deliberate communication” here. Prayer to me means a way to communicate our deepest intentions. To ourselves, and/or to a higher consciousness,…
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2021-01-06 0

Why Reflective Practice?

Inner Companion was born based on my personal experience of using reflective techniques everyday of my life. I’d like to share why reflective practice means so much to me. I invite you to my childhood, to share how my journey got shaped. Mornings in my household meant sloka chanting, sweet smells of agarbathi, the aroma…
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2020-06-21 0

How did I get into reflective practice?

The first time I got introduced to reflective practice was in a workshop during a work trip. The activity was for us to draw a mountain of our life, recounting experiences where I had felt supported, where I had felt I had failed, critical life decisions I had taken, what had influenced those decisions and…
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