Call for applications

Call for applications

2022-04-09 Alivelihood 0

Research Internship

Location :Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu
Languages Required :English | Tamil  
Starting Date
(date when the selected candidate is expected to start)
25 Apr 2022

Who can apply?*

College students, aspiring or current artists, social workers, teachers, marketing-media professionals.

Individuals who 

  • Want to learn designing and executing research project
  • Have deep interest to understand the intersectionality of psychology, sociology, culture, language, economics, and politics
  • Want to learn about both traditional and indigenous research processes
  • Are self-driven to understand themselves and the world around them
  • Are exploring career pathways and want exposure, mentoring and guidanceĀ 

Skills needed

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills (in English, Tamil or both)
  • Open-hearted, curious, empathic listener
  • Detail oriented, independent doer, thinker
  • Work within timelines, follow some structure and organisation
  • Ability to engage in field visits on a daily basis
  • Documentation 

*The internship offer is not only limited to candidates from traditional/formal educational institutions. We do not require any certificates or degrees as prerequisites. We do ask for a photo-identity document with address proof.

About us 

Inner Companion Ecoversity (ICE) is a social enterprise working towards integrating regeneration and spirituality. Our goal is to strike a balance between nurturing the world within us and the one around us. The basis of our work is deep, inner transformation, to help individuals rediscover their authentic selves, live intentionally, love unconditionally and feel deeply. It is through deepening connection with ourselves, we believe we could create a better place for our children and the generations to come.

About the research project 

There are multiple projects in the design phase which are rooted in understanding local culture, mindsets, and the spirit of the town of Tiruvannamalai. The projects are exploratory in nature and have flexibility to accommodate the interest of the interns with the purpose of the study in myriad ways. The outcome from this research would inform the work carried out at the Ecoversity; from understanding the needs of the community, to filling in gaps which exist in the town, to creating programs which might offer solutions to local problems. 

The research design will take inspiration from action-research, place-based learning, anthropological qualitative studies. The outcomes could take the form of anthology, digital modules, visual artefacts, installations, theatrical performances.

In addition to being part of the research project, you will also be part of other initiatives under ICE. This could include engaging with children (5-14 yrs of age), documenting the activities at Recenter, co-hosting events for Tiru Art Collective, and other social media engagements for the Ecoversity. 

This will be a 6-month long internship with the possibility of converting into full-time employment. The terms of this transition could be discussed at the end of four months of internship. 

How to apply?

Kindly look at our website to know more about the nature of our work, our premise and offerings before you choose to apply for this position.

Send a one-page application letter (or a 3-min video recording) on why you want to apply for this internship. The letter should communicate your goal for this internship, your strengths, areas which need improvement, your expectations from this internship. Do include examples of your past work such as essays, blogs, school assignments, and portfolio to demonstrate your current skill levels. 

Should you be selected for this internship, you will have to relocate to Tiruvannamalai. We will provide you with basic accommodation and stipend to cover your expenses for food, and local travel (for the study). 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Jayashree/Arasu via phone 8931902222 or email us at