The Center for Young Families (CYF, Jan 2022) Now, Famversity, was created with a vision to support individuals to navigate their roles as parents.

The norms and metrics held and pushed by the society about success, self-worth, prestige, power, gender roles, citizenship, and inclusivity are so different between our generation and the previous one. There is a climate emergency, poverty, unemployment, mental illness, migration, and war all around us. The future is becoming a lot more uncertain than it ever has been. 

As a young family, we constantly struggle to understand what our role means in and as a family. The changing society has created new ways of thinking which are not aligned with the traditional conditioning we grew up in. From schooling to employment choices, to daily rituals and practices – we are evolving and reconnecting to our roots. We are constantly searching for ways of living that are respectful and empathetic to our planet, people, and our own selves. 

We have come to realise that this cannot be done in isolation. The shifts need to be brought about at a systemic, structural level in tandem with a shift in our worldviews, values, and beliefs. We need to unlearn and review our mental schemas which aid us in everyday decision-making and in the process evolve our own practices and rituals to help us stay grounded and authentic. 

The intention behind creating this centre is to find other like-hearted families to co-create this journey and make it slightly easier to navigate this uncertain world as young families. 

  • To find friendships that could last a lifetime, 
  • To draw inspiration from each others’ vision of a better future for our kids,
  • To share our gifts for the greater good of the society,
  • To deepen our connection with self, so we can lead intentional and authentic lives,
  • To move towards a regenerative world nurturing our spirits and celebrating our oneness.

If this is something that resonates with you, we’d love to chat with you. For now we are able to work with families in Tiruvannamalai or those that are willing to stay in Tiru for a small period of time. We believe in face-to-face meetings and experiences to truly deepen our relationships. Once a bond is established, we can nurture it using communication tools. 

Reach out to us on 893 190 2222 or write to us at innercompanion at gmail dot com.