Embracing Regenerative Living

Embracing Regenerative Living

2022-02-20 Regenerative Living 0
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A family retreat in Tiruvannamalai – March 12-13, 2022

We are inviting young families (with children under 12 years of age) to join us in a 2-day retreat. This retreat will help us focus on four specific aspects.

  • Re-discover and articulate how you operate as a family.

The deeply entrenched ideas of what a family means, what the roles of family members must be, subconsciously operate us and influence our decision-making. Let us take some time to pause and inquire whether we have an opportunity to redefine what family means to us. Some questions we could use to delve into this topic include:

What does it mean for us to grow together as a family?

What are our priorities?

What are value systems?

How do we integrate everyone’s voice to make them seen, heard, and felt in our family?

  • Work on your inner harmony to learn how to manage the chaos on the outside

The peace and quiet in our minds and beings help us feel calm and composed. Most of the time we are clouded by the ongoings of everyday tides which lift us high up just as much as it pushes us down. We will spend time to sit with understanding what harmony means to us and why it is a critical ingredient to lead a regenerative life. Some questions we could use include

While we cannot fully rid of the chaos or the uncertainty in our lives, what could help us recover our equilibrium and feel a sense of balance?

Can there be practices we can build which can be a friend to help us attain harmony?

When we are feeling chaos would we be able to bring harmony to our family?

In the long term, what impact could lack of harmony result in?

  • Practice conscious movement for emotional integration

Movement has immense potential for dissolving our emotional patterns. With subtle movements, we begin to notice how our emotions are linked with our body and thinking. A safe awareness of our emotional, physical and mental body arises and helps us let go of emotions that no longer serve us. We will engage in the guided movement to examine our emotions and let the energy flow through us.

  • Form friendships with people who are in a similar journey

This is probably the most exciting of all. We will hold spaces for each other as we sit with these questions, and experiences, and go through a shared journey as families. We hope to build friendships that might continue beyond this retreat time and last a lifetime even. By bringing an open mind and heart, and curiosity of a child, we welcome you to join a community of people who want to lead intentional lives. This community could nurture each other and become resourceful to nurture more families beyond the immediate circle as well.


All of us love to know how the two days would go, considering we are allocating a whole weekend to an unknown gathering. It would be quiet easy to say that we will stick to a schedule and these are the umpteen number of things we would do during oru time together.

We want to take a less-traveled road and keep the schedule less intense, more intentional, and conscious of the energy of the group involved. However, here is a broader schedule to give you some idea of what to expect.

Event Schedule

If this is something that interests your family, and you want to experience this journey together, please fill out this form. We cannot wait to meet you in person.

If you have any questions, please call us at 893 190 2222