Recenter is a space for alternatives. We call it Recenter because we envision this space to help us come back to the center; to re-align our pathways that are closer to home; closer to our family, our planet, and our own selves. It would become the space where we seek direction, and guidance, during times of confusion and doubt. It would be the map that allows us to find our way back on our journey.     

But, alternative to what? 

Alternative to everything that has been pushed down on generations together as the singular pathway to live and succeed. 

  • colonised-industrial education, 
  • consumeristic-convenience driven jobs, 
  • Mindless rat-race-running lifestyle, 
  • Anthropocentric developmental trajectory

Our work is anchored on two pillars: Regeneration and Spirituality. Our goal is to strike a balance between nurturing the world within us and the one around us. The offerings at Inner Companion Ecoversity bring alive learning and earning together.  Through the FamVersity, we channel our work with families to weave learning and living together. Read more about what we do to know more about how we manifest our vision. 

We are constantly looking for learning opportunities and collaborations.

If this idea resonates with you, come visit us at Tiruvannamalai | Call us at 893 190 2222 or write to innercompanion@gmail.com. We can’t wait to explore the potential our collaboration holds.