Living our fullest authentic lives in service to our children, community and nature.

A 3 Day Retreat in Thiruvannamalai for Young Families

The end product of child raising is not the child, but the parent

~ Frank Pittman

This retreat is designed for young families to experience together as a family. The main purpose of this retreat is to create a space for individuals (adults) to pause, step back, reflect and learn from their lived experiences. In doing so, we become mindful individuals who yearn to lead our authentic lives, and manifest our potential. 

But why parents?

We believe that living one’s authentic self is the best gift a parent could give their child(ren). While every individual needs to live their life to the fullest, the added benefits of a parent leading their authentic, fullest lives provides a real, role model for children growing up in such environments. A sense of harmony in a family becomes pivotal to harmony in a community, and thus a city/town. In more than one way, a strong family will nurture a strong world for our children and the generations to come. 

Leading our fullest, authentic lives

As children (0-5 yrs) we are carefree, curious, and find ways to manifest who we are. As we grow up, we lose touch with our own selves. We forget what it means to be my authentic self. Eventually this becomes the most hardest thing to do, because we are in a constant race towards achieving something or the other. We race against time, in pursuit of money, happiness, stature, fame, power, and whatnot. There is hardly time left to check in with oneself and ask some important questions. 

Questions such as, 

·      What are my needs, values, aspirations?

·      How am I feeling?

·      Am I being true to my being?

·      Am I in touch with my intent, actions, and words?

·      How do I ask for support?

·      Do I need help?

·      What am I working towards?

To live authentically, to live fully, unconditionally, it is critical to deepen one’s connection with the self. Reflective practice as a science allows us to live our lives intentionally. 

Based on years of experience of being reflective practitioners, we want to share with you some concepts, strategies and tools which have helped us as individuals and as parents. While this is a never ending journey, by sharing our practices, and broadening our perspectives, we can help each other and continue our learning. A retreat allows us to hold space for one another, to reflect on who we are as individuals, how do we see ourselves as parents, and what does it mean for us to live our lives to the fullest, and how might that help our children. 

We hope that this retreat will serve as a means to build a community of strong parents, leading authentic lives, and thus creating communities of healthy, fulfilled, genuine, human beings. 

About the venue

  • Basic South Indian vegetarian food
  • Minimalistic accommodation (one room per family)
  • Venue allows for a nice view of Arunachala mountain, within 10 kms from the main town
  • Parking facilities
  • Other services available at extra cost

What to expect at the retreat?

  • One of its kind retreat for young families
  • Experienced facilitators 
  • Specific planned activities for children
  • Simple guided physical exercises and meditation
  • Bonfire and musical evening
  • Tools to integrate reflective practice beyond retreat
  • This retreat in intended for young families. Only 10 families are accepted.

Register here. Since seats are limited, we invite you to register right away!

Please call 893 190 2222 / email innercompanion at gmaildotcom for any questions.