Our Story

We are living in a time where the world is changing at a rapid pace. With these changes, there is also an urge to do things differently. From making conscious choices about food, clothing, and travel, to choosing an alternative career and learning pathways, we have become a lot more open and curious.

However, there is a dearth of learning spaces and communities supporting individuals and families to sustain these alternative routes. In most cases, alternative spaces are limited to those who live in cities and can pay higher fees.

In Tiruvannamalai, the spiritual heart of South India, we have set out to build Recenter, a space for alternatives – A space that could be used by everyone irrespective of their age, educational background, and economic status; a space where learning and living coexist; a space rooted in regeneration and spirituality. A space to explore alternative ways of learning, earning, and living.

Who will be benefitted?

  1.  Women and children who do not have access to a learning space in their villages
  2. Young adults living in villages in and around Tiruvannamalai
  3.  Families who would like an anchor to transition into an alternate way of living-earning-learning
  4. Anyone who is in need of a learning space in Tiruvannamalai

What are our offerings?

We believe in self designed learning journeys/pathways. While it is simpler, and a common occurrence, to create programs based on the designers’ perception of community’s needs and wants, and then to test its impact, we want to allow the community to design programs that best suit their dynamic needs.

Our expertise lies in creating a stimulating, intergenerational learning space/experience. To guide our design process, of both the space, and the programs, we would lean on the pillars of Spirituality and Regeneration.

  • The core of self-designed learning is the awareness to know who the self is. The process of engaging in multiple trials and errors in pursuing this question of Who am I? is what we envision as the ultimate learning journey. For those that are aligned with mainstream jargons of today this can be categorised as 21st century skills, career counselling, self discovery, and for those that resonate with alternate jargons this is akin to inner world exploration, inner work, self awareness.
  • While one is engaged in this process of understanding self, it is important to preserve our being, our family’s being, and our environment. Our individual exploration should not come at the cost of nature, people, and planet at large. This is where the principles of Regeneration comes to use. We will check to see if our work leaves things in a better place than when found, as much as possible, with utmost kindness to others, and great self compassion. Acting from the place of love, and gratitude, we believe that regenerative approach will help all of us live in harmony with one another and in oneness.

Through Inner Companion we hope to create a world that is just, fair, humane, thriving, and kind – the world we want to leave behind for our children and the following generations. We hope you would also like your children to grow up in a world like this. Should you wish to be associated with us in any way, please email us at innercompanion@gmail.com. It takes a whole village to raise itself.

Thank you,
Jayashree + Arasu + Sarangi