Reflections of our 1st Family Retreat, March 2022

Reflections of our 1st Family Retreat, March 2022

2022-03-21 Regenerative Living 0

Our first ever family retreat happened on March 12, 13, 2022. Five families joined us for the retreat. From being total strangers to becoming a community, these two days showed us the power of intentions, love, and courage. 

The first cohort at the family retreat

We all stayed in the quiet, rustic, natural setting at Shri Anand Niketan. The sattvik food replenished our energies every day. Gopi pa and Chitra ma made us all feel at home with their presence, and the way they ran the place. Their care truly made this event resemble a family get-together. Much gratitude to them and their staff.

The larger intention for this retreat was to inquire into the what, why, and how of regenerative living.  Families are the microcosm of the larger world. And when we imbibe a regenerative mindset at the level of families, the shift in consciousness at the larger level could become a possibility. 

We decided to focus on four specific aspects for these two days. 

  • Re-discover and articulate how you operate as a family.
  • Work on your inner harmony to learn how to manage the chaos on the outside
  • Practice conscious movement for emotional integration
  • Form friendships with people who are in a similar journey

We are delighted to say that we were able to touch upon all these aspects during these two short days. Here is a glimpse of what happened

On March 11, we welcomed the five families with a simple, and quiet ceremony. We set our intentions for the retreat, so we bring our whole selves to this space, but also co-create what we could accomplish as a community. To give a glimpse of our intentions, 

  • Enjoy and be fully present in the moment
  • Form friendships with like hearted individuals and families
  • Unwind, and destress – from the everyday chaos of work, chores and rat race
  • To listen and widen one’s own perspectives about many things
  • Be a mirror to help others see themselves, but also witness a piece of us in others

Could you imagine what the power of these two days must have been, considering these were our intentions? Take a minute to reflect on that. 

 This one exercise allowed us to open our hearts to new experiences and newer connections. 

The next two days, we rose to a beautiful sunrise set against the majestic Arunachala. Photo memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. Silence to centre and calm ourselves for what is set out for us during the day. 

We discussed how societal norms shape how we operate as a family, and how we deal with the dissonance that arises when we break those norms. We rediscovered how our values guide the expectations we have about our routine and expectations from one another. We also noticed how the larger societal issues such as violence, gender, equity, prejudice, bias, and discrimination are happening in our homes just as much as it is out in the world. 

Our special facilitator, Sirish Agarwal, helped us reconnect with our bodies through Yoga Nidra and relaxation techniques. We were able to tap into energies that were hidden or showing up as a reflection of what was happening in our world outside. The stored hurt, pain, and anger were released and issues that needed our attention were brought to the surface. The one-on-one we had during dinner helped us debrief our feelings and emotions. 

The closing ceremony helped us share blessings with one another and seal the friendships we found in such a short while. We appreciated each one for bringing their whole selves, trusting the circle, and sharing a piece of their life with us. 

When you choose to participate in this retreat, you could experience all this and much more. You will be able to take away

  • Rituals that are designed by each of you for your family
  • Practices you could implement on a daily basis in your life
  • Friendships that are beyond judgement and expectations 
  • Insights that are already stored in you, but has been brought to the fore because you listened
  • Redefined identities of what family means, and your role in that new configuration

Does that strike a chord with you? 

We can’t wait to host you and co-create another retreat with you and your family members. We are sure that your kids would love it here.