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Living our fullest authentic lives in service to our children, community and nature.

Residential Summer Camp for Adolescents Apr 2024

We are excited to host our first ever residential summer camp in Tiruvannamalai. If you are interested to know more about what is offered at the camp, what to expect, the fees, and other frequently asked questions, kindly read the form here. If you resonate with the intent and the process of the camp, kindly…
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Why alternative learning now?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein Still when it comes to education, and helping individuals learn, we are quite insane.  If education is supposed to help individuals solve problems of the world such as unemployment, mental ill being, poverty,  If education was supposed to equip individuals…
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Why ask for money?

This post is the result of a major churning we have been through as founders of an organisation but also as an individual trying to build something and create an experience that could serve more than just myself. When we moved to Tiruvannamalai, we thought we would earn money through the work we do. However,…
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Family retreat: June 2022 – Our Reflections

The June retreat brought together three families to Tiruvannamalai. From being strangers, we became one large family, where we trusted one another, shared our lived journeys, and dreamt together a regenerative future for ourselves and our children, amidst a like-hearted community.

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Call for applications

Research Internship Location : Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu Languages Required : English | Tamil   Starting Date (date when the selected candidate is expected to start) 25 Apr 2022 Who can apply?* College students, aspiring or current artists, social workers, teachers, marketing-media professionals. Individuals who  Want to learn designing and executing research project Have deep interest to understand…
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We are excited to announce the opening of our physical space in Tiruvannamalai to support alternative learning families. We invite all alternative learning families to drop by and check our space out. We hope you’d be able to make use of this space for all your learning needs. We are open for all age groups. Our…
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Reflections of our 1st Family Retreat, March 2022

Our first ever family retreat happened on March 12, 13, 2022. Five families joined us for the retreat. From being total strangers to becoming a community, these two days showed us the power of intentions, love, and courage.  We all stayed in the quiet, rustic, natural setting at Shri Anand Niketan. The sattvik food replenished…
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Event Flyer

Embracing Regenerative Living

We are excited to announce our upcoming event – a one-of-a-kind family retreat. If you’d like to know more about this offering, kindly use this link to join the WhatsApp group.


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Reflecting on the Tiru Nature Camp 2021

Our first nature Camp was an exciting experience for us the hosts as well as for the children. The core focus of the camp was to promote the idea of learning from nature.  Our days began with prayer and circle time. Prayer allows us to center our minds and come into the space with all…
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