The Team

Dr. Jayashree Arasu “Jay” (she/her)


I am a mother of an unschooler on the path towards leading an intentional life. I am a firm believer in the potential of education to deepen the connection with oneself, the community, and nature. I provide consulting services to organizations on matters of integrating reflective practice, intentional living, educational leadership, qualitative research, philosophy of education, career development, and psychology. You can connect with me on LinkedIn or here.

Shri. Arasu GT “Tiru” (he/him)


I have been a teacher for about 5 years now and deeply care about learners who thrive in alternative educational spaces. In my past career, I have offered Sales and Marketing services to corporates.

As a self-taught web developer, I have created a platform for artists in Tiruvannamalai to showcase and sell their artworks.

I value freedom, family, inclusivity, and fun. I enjoy playing badminton, hiking, and befriending people from other cultures. You can connect with me here.