What we do

For Young Adults

Future Readiness Workshops

The world is changing at a rapid pace. The complexities of the problems governing our society is exponentially growing. Navigating this present world in itself is hard. To prepare oneself to navigate the future requires holistic skills, knowledge, and attitude.

The future readiness workshops are designed for young people in the age group of 14-20. The topics could include 

  • Finding my purpose and passion
  • Setting up wellbeing clubs
  • Using reflective practice in learning
  • Living intentionally and mindfully
  • Navigating uncertainties amidst climate crisis
  • Designing my career pathways
  • Preparing for learning experiences abroad

Alternate Education Counselling

There is a growing movement encouraging individuals to pursue alternate learning pathways and challenge traditional norms governing degrees, certificates, and qualifications. From being an unschooling learner to an athlete the learning needs of each individual varies based on one’s aspirations, environment, and abilities. 

We provide counselling services to help individuals with

  • Self designed learning pathways
  • Learning opportunities with institutions across the world
  • Designing professional journeys 
  • Networks for career development

We also provide career counselling for those individuals who would like to stay with the traditional career pathways.

For Adults

Reflective Practitioner Course

Reflective practice is both the science and art of leading intentional lives. While its origins are linked to the fields of education and healthcare, the relevance of reflective practice is universal. 

As reflective practitioners ourselves, we integrate the science with that of spirituality and offer tools, resources, and strategies which individuals could use in their daily lives. In particular, we offer retreats for young families and mid-career professionals. 

The retreat is a 3-day residential experience created for participants to step back, reflect, learn, and strive to develop habits which allow them to lead their fullest lives. 

Watch out for events/activities space to receive updates on when we host these workshops.

Unschoolers’ Support Group

As an unschooling young family, our learning curve has been steep. While we enjoy the spontaneity of our lives, there are times when we yearn for community to lean on, draw from, and learn with. We create a support group for families who are choosing unschooling/homeschooling journeys for their children. 

Since a support group needs more in person meet-ups, we are open to working with families living in and around Tiruvannamalai only. We aim to host a monthly meeting circle to share our experiences, and build a community of support. 

We will be happy to share our experience with other support groups and vice versa, via online medium, if it might prove to be useful. Please do reach out to us via email, if you are interested to exchange notes.  

For Institutions

School Transformation Workshops

As an ecoversity, we want to share both the benefits of and the need for alternate learning pathways with more educational institutions. If you identify yourself as a traditional school/institution, and would like to have dialogues to explore alternatives to learning, we will be happy to collaborate with you. 

A non-exhaustive list of potential collaborations include,

  • Integrating self designed learning journeys in traditional schools
  • Creating wellbeing labs to nurture holistic learning
  • Transitioning from a purely traditional school to creating many streams within the school ecosystem
  • Creating and sustaining community schools
  • Pivoting learning experiences to prepare for climate crisis

We would be thrilled to host exploratory dialogue sessions, webinars, workshops, learning sessions for institutional leaders, whole school staff based on your needs and aspirations.

Teacher-Leader Workshops

We also partner with institutions to offer workshops on reflective practice for maximising impact through teaching-learning processes. Our workshops are aimed to provide both professional and personal growth for teachers and leaders. 

These workshops enable teachers-leaders to gain higher levels of satisfaction from their profession, maximise their potential, and role model intentional living to their students. With continued practice, our inputs will allow teachers-leaders to build capacity to more professionals in their ecosystem and create a ripple effect.