Why ask for money?

Why ask for money?

2022-12-31 Alivelihood Community building Regenerative Living 0

This post is the result of a major churning we have been through as founders of an organisation but also as an individual trying to build something and create an experience that could serve more than just myself.

When we moved to Tiruvannamalai, we thought we would earn money through the work we do. However, we quickly realized that it is not that easy. It has not been easy because a) there is not a great number (quantity) of people in Tiruvannamalai who are living an alternative lifestyle as a family, b) those who do are not actively looking for a space to send their children on a regular basis (frequency), and c) we as two individuals could not pull this humungous thing off by ourselves – which included not only common tasks such as raising a family, providing care for elders, attending to house needs, but also networking, designing programs, traveling, delivering programs, creating budgets, social media marketing and the likes.

One of the major roadblocks we felt whenever we thought of reaching out for help was the unlimited number of questions we were sitting with that arose on a daily basis in our minds.

  • Are we a business?
  • If we are, what is our business plan?
  • How is our business going to be the one that is supposed to disrupt the business-as-usual and yet have a business plan?
  • What should that business plan look like?
  • How are we going to offer a product when we ourselves were uncovering multiple layers of complexity in leading an alternate lifestyle?
  • Most importantly, how are we going to survive until we figure out the answer to these questions?
  • Would this mean we need to have ALL the answers before we embark on our journey? Will that ever have a start line waiting at the end?

What we hold now is the vision to create a space, break down the nature of the experience we want to create, and identify resources and people who could support us in this endeavor. However, what is missing is a place that can hold this all together.

All great things of the past have been achieved through a collective effort. An idea from one mind, another idea from the other, manual help from someone, word of mouth through a network, community belief, and buy-in, all of it had a role to play for an idea to come to fruition.

Similarly for Recenter, we have taken a huge step towards shaping our idea, changing our life patterns, and creating an enabling environment. What we need is support from those that could afford to share monetary resources to give us a gentle lift and reach our potentiality.

So we have shed our egos and feel okay to ask for monetary support and not wait until our banks have adequate balance before we can start doing good for the other.

If you feel called to this idea, please use this link to donate to this campaign. You can read more about our campaign here.

Thank you!