Tiru Winter Camp – Learn from Nature

Tiru Winter Camp – Learn from Nature

We are very pleased to announce our first immersive learning experience for children in the age group of 5-16 years.

The camp will be held from 27th to 31st December, 2021. To accommodate the differing needs of children, we are offering two batches. 

BatchCamp hoursReporting timePick up time
Batch 1: Under 10 years10 am – 1 pm9:30 am1:05 pm
Batch 2: 10-16 years3 – 6 pm2:30 pm6:05 pm
Camp Timings

Why nature?

Nature is where everything begins and ends. All the lessons to be learnt are embedded in nature which is found within and around us.

In the wake of the climate emergency, we are realising the criticality of living in alignment with nature. The need to understand nature’s limits, principles, and means to live in harmony with nature is something we have forgotten with the advent of technology. Of all education we can give our children, the need of the hour is to learn to respect and coexist in nature. 

Additionally, a lot of organisations have begun the research about nature to develop solutions to our everyday problems. One such example is Bio Mimicry Institute. Thus even in terms of emerging careers, nature has much to offer to both the young and the old alike.

What will we do?

We are handcrafting a week-long learning experience for your children, with nature as our primary teacher. We will be inviting other experts from and around Tiruvannamalai to help children improve their knowledge and skills of communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Our approach places learners at the center, allows them to pace their learning journey, learn how to learn, and move towards mastering a skill or a concept they pick up during the week.

If you would like to know more about the camp schedule, please don’t hesitate to call us at 893 190 2222.